About us

How it all started...

Vinco Racing is founded through the passion for motorsport. We are located in the Netherlands and started in 2015. Vinco Racing specializes in the manufacturing and designing of racing components.

We always wrenched on our bikes in the shed to make them track ready. Existing products where not to our liking or lacked quality. This resulted in the decision to make our own parts. Some small manual and entry level CNC metalworking machines were bought to make and modify parts. Most of the parts we made for ourselves, but soon other people asked us if we could make parts for them. The shed became too small and we moved to a new location in March 2017. All old machines where sold and we invested in new CNC machinery. We now had the space to further develop our parts and expand the company.

Our products are used in the World Supersport, Endurance and Road Racing series.

Tim Jamlean – Owner